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EEA Grants

With the EEA and Norway grants, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway contribute toward the reduction of economic and social disparities and the strengthening of bilateral relations with beneficiary countries in Europe. Three countries cooperate closely with the EU under the European Economic Area Agreement (EEA Agreement).

In the years 2009-2014, the EEA and Norway grants amounted to EUR 1.79 billion. Norway provided about 97 percent of the total funding. The grants are available for non-governmental organisations, research institutes and institutions of higher education, and the public and private sector in the 12 new member states, as well as Greece, Portugal and Spain. Extensive cooperation with entities from donor states is taking place as part of the grants and undertakings can be implemented until 2016.   

The most important areas to receive support are environment protection and climate changes, research and scholarships, civil society, health protection and children support, gender equality, justice and cultural heritage. 

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