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About the project

Hospital No. 2 changed out of all recognition

Half a year and almost PLN 10 million from the city budget and Norwegian funds was enough

With the support of the City Office in Mysłowice and Norwegian funds, the hospital has done comprehensive thermomodernization and acquired renewable energy sources. In addition, the City also funded the renovation of the internal diseases unit. The value of the entire project amounts to nearly PLN 10 million.

Hospital No. 2 in Mysłowice turns one hundred this year. A great part of the whole complex is historical, which explains the need for appropriate heating technologies to be applied. Also the interiors of the building which houses, among others, the hospital pharmacy, the reception and the internal diseases unit needed a thorough overhaul. Meritum Grupa Budowlana was the contractor selected by the Hospital under the tender procedure.

Two parts for the better whole

The entire project was divided into two interdependent parts. The first concerned the thermomodernization and renewable energy sources. The Hospital acquired money from Norwegian funds for this purpose. The second part is to focus on the renovation of building A.

Almost 80 per cent of funding from Norwegian Funds

The project Improving the energy efficiency of facilities of the Independent Public Health Care Centre of Tadeusz Boczoń, M.D. Hospital No. 2 in Mysłowice through the thermomodernization and use of renewable energy sourceswithin the framework of the EEA Financial Mechanism for 2009-2014 for the operational program PL04 Energy saving and promoting renewable energy sourcesprovides envisages insulation of walls and ceilings of the outermost buildings, exchange of external doors and windows, exchange of water central heating and hot water installations, installation of equipment to use solar energy and lighting installation. Its total value amounts to nearly PLN 4 million. The funding from Norwegian funds amounts to 76.6 percent (PLN 2.9 million). The remaining part, PLN 1.1 million, it tcomes from the municipal budget. Owing to this investment, savings on energy can be as high as PLN 400,000 per year.

The internal diseases unit to gain more

The second part of the renovation, which was entirely financed by Mysłowice city hall, includes the renovation of the building housing the internal diseases unit. It assumes redevelopment of the first and second floors just for the needs of the internal diseases unit, redevelopment of the premises of the hospital pharmacy and the laboratory, adapting them to the relevant requirements, and the entire facility - to the requirements of fire regulations. The whole investment is to cost nearly PLN 5.7 million.

Hospital No. 2 is our municipal facility and our task is to make sure that its patients have the best possible conditions of stay during hospitalization. Therefore, repairs and upgrades of the hospitals equipment are essential. More than year ago, we partly funded the purchase of equipment for the eye and trauma units, soon, thanks to the funding acquired by the Hospital, the internal diseases unit acquired more equipment, this time for cardiac diagnosis. We are happy that so much has already been done. I hope that the last investment, and we are talking about a really big financial outlay, will bring tangible benefits for both patients and the hospitalsays Edward Lasok, Mayor of Mysłowice.

Hospital under renovation

Mariusz Wołosz, Director of Hospital No. 2 admits that such a large scope of work has only a small impact on the functioning of the hospital. We attempted to minimize it by proper arrangement of the work schedule The comfort of patients was not reduced by the use of tight bulkheads separating them from overhauled places and the designation of separate traffic routes for the overhaul and medical activities,he assures.

The Dr Tadeusz Boczoń Hospital No. 2 in Mysłowice, Independent Public Healthcare Centre, received subsidies for the following projects implemented as part of the PL04 operational programme “Saving energy and promoting renewable energy sources” aimed to reduce greenhouse gases and pollutants emissions to the atmosphere, and to increase the share of renewable energy in overall energy consumption

Project title: “Increase the energy efficiency of buildings SP ZOZ Szpital nr 2 dr Tadeusza Boczonia in Mysłowice by partial thermal efficiency improvement and using renewable energy sources”
· Why is it necessary to implement the project?
The energy efficiency of the existing buildings is low and the heating and electrical system show much wear.
· What is the project’s objective?
The project’s objectives are:
- attainment of better energy efficiency of the buildings;
- increase in production of renewable energy.
· What will be the effects of the project?
General project outcomes will be:
- reduction or avoidance of CO2 emissions: to 778.70 mg/year, i.e. by 64 percent;
- renewable energy production in the amount of 137.5 MWh/year.
Project results:
- provision of improved energy efficiency solutions for more public utility buildings: 2 buildings;
- more heat sources replaced/improved: 217 sources;
- more machines, equipment and systems using renewable energy: 146 items;
- greater power of the machines, equipment and systems using renewable energy: 0.0668 MW.
Anticipated total reduction in thermal energy consumption in thermally improved buildings: 67%.
· Works performed as part of the project:
- provision of heat insulation for the buildings’ external walls and ceilings;
- replacement of external doors and windows;
- replacement of the central heating and DHW system, including conversion/redevelopment of the local heating network;
- provision of solar energy equipment;
- provision of heat pumps;
- provision of power management systems in buildings;
- ventilation systems improvement;
- provision of energy-saving lighting.
· Project’s beneficiaries
The main beneficiaries of the project will be residents of Mysłowice and of other boroughs who use the Beneficiary’s services. In addition, the project will be beneficial for the hospital personnel as it will facilitate provision of medical services by creating more comfortable conditions, and for the hospital managing authority due to the reduction in the operating costs of the buildings resulting from lower energy consumption.
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